Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rest easy: Non-toxic, Eco (and Human) Friendly Bedding Choices

Rest easy: non-toxic, eco (and human) friendly bedding choices... feel good about the textiles you and your family cozy up in at night!
There are a refreshing number of companies offering organic and natural fiber linens and mattresses. Coyuchi ( takes it to the next level sourcing products "produced and processed to the strictest evenironmental standards in safe and humane conditions, from the farm to the factory to the store to your home"...we think about food in this wholistic way, it makes sense to apply these standards to the furnishings we use on a daily basis. 
Below are photos from a recent project: all natural bedding and mattresses were sourced through Coyuchi. Small decorative pillow fabric is by Lisa Fine Textiles, king shams fabric is "European Flax" an eco-responsible linen by Casamance . If you are interested in learning more about the risks of traditional cotton farming here is an interesting article:…/I…/Risk-of-cotton-farming.php)
Do you have a favorite company or source for organic, natural bedding?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mountain Modern

Dining Room: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Art by Travis Walker)

I wanted to share this recent project, a contemporary ski house. The key was the mix of clean-lined modern furnishings with textural elements like Urban Hardwoods reclaimed wood tables. Particularly satisfying was helping my clients find local craftsmen (Charlie at Magpie Furniture) and artists: Travis Walker's painting hangs behind the dining room table. The result is a welcoming, laid-back interior, bright and happy.

Entry: Mountain Modern

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Upcycled" & Reclaimed Furnishings

I wanted to share photos and resources with you from a recent installation for a San Francisco pied-a-terre. My client, a young professional, bought this bright modern apartment with views of the Bay and needed to move in within the month! She had a limited schedule and budget, but a great sense of style that made this project really fun.
Though many of the furnishings were retail pieces, (due to short lead times) we added texture and interest with flea market finds and recycled furnishings.
The result is a light-filled apartment that is modern, yet personal. Below are some of the great resources we found along the way for "Upcycled" furnishings.
Among my favorite finds were the Eames chair & ottoman and the two Mid-Century modern arm chairs we found at the Alameda Antiques Faire. We had them reupholstered locally, the chairs in a Cowtan & Tout check and the chair and ottoman in a wonderfully soft leather from S.H. Frank Leather in the Mission.  I've posted Before & After shots below:

The other great piece is the large-scale art hanging above the sofa (also from the Alameda Antiques Faire). This piece is approx. 6' long x 3' tall and is comprised of repurposed wood expertly fitted together. The result is a striking abstract geometric piece with great texture.

 (for additional project photos visit: )

Before & After

Before: Arm Chairs & "Eames" Chair with Ottoman
 Selecting Leather at S.H. Frank Leather & Hides in the Mission
After: The Mid-Century Modern Arm Chairs Reupholstered in Cowtan & Tout fabric

After: "Eames" Chair with Ottoman

Alameda Antiques Faire:
The Alameda Point Antiques Faire is the largest antiques show in Northern California. Held on the 1st Sunday of every month, the Faire boasts over 800 Dealer booths.  All items are 20 years old or older.  Our faire is the ultimate place to shop for vintage and antique home decorations, clothing, furniture, jewelry, art, pottery, books & collectibles.

"Upcycled" & Reclaimed Furnishings via Pinterest:

Pinterest is a great resource for recycled and "upcycled" furnishings. Search for boards with a Recycled theme and you'll find many great ideas. Below is a link to a board I've started on pinterest that highlights interesting pieces I've found on etsy and elsewhere on the internet.

Upcycled & Reclaimed Furnishings

Tony Kitz Gallery:

A higher price point, and some museum quality pieces...Tony Kitz Gallery in San Francisco is a great resource for one-of-a-kind Antique and Vintage textiles and rugs:

Additional Resources: